Get the Source Code

dposlib is developed on GitHub, where the code is always available. You can either clone the public repository:

$ git clone git://

You can also download the zip. dposlib will be available if zip file is added as is in python pathes.

Install dposlib using pip

To install last version of dposlib:

$ pip install dposlib

To install development vesion:

$ pip install git+

You may whant to install a specific branch of dposlib:

$ pip install git+<branch>
Where <branch> can be:
  • a commit number
  • a repo branch name
  • a release number

Deploy a multisignature server

Install developpement version:

$ bash <(curl -s

Once dpos repository cloned, there is no need to install dposlib because python pathes are set accordingly.

Deploy using flask server:

$ . ~/.local/share/ms-server/venv/bin/activate
$ python ~/dpos/mssrv/

Deploy using gunicorn server:

$ . ~/.local/share/ms-server/venv/bin/activate
$ gunicorn --bind= --workers=5 mssrv:app

Deploy using ms command:

$ # activate virtual environment
$ bash ~/dpos/bash/activate
$ ./ms --help
$ Usage:
$    ms start-api [-p <api-port>]
$    ms start-app [-p <port> -s <server>]
$    ms (restart-api | restart-app | stop-api | stop-app)
$    ms (log-api | log-app)
$ Options:
$ -p --port=<port>       : the port to use [default: 5050]
$ -s --server=<server>   : the ms-api server to link to [default:]
$ Subcommands:
$    start-api     : start multi signature server
$    start-app     : start multi signature app
$    restart-app/api : restart multi signature api/app
$    stop-api/app  : stop multi signature server/app
$    log-api/app   : show multi signature server/app logs