Very easy start

rest module provides network loaders and root EndPoint GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. See Ark API documentation to see how to use http calls.

rest also creates a core module containing Transaction builders, crypto and api modules.

>>> from dposlib import rest
>>> rest.use("ark")
>>> import dposlib
>>> dlgt = dposlib.core.api.Delegate("arky")
>>> dlgt.forged
{u'rewards': 397594.0, u'total': 401908.71166083, u'fees': 4314.71166083}
>>> dposlib.core.crypto.getKeys("secret")
{'publicKey': '03a02b9d5fdd1307c2ee4652ba54d492d1fd11a7d1bb3f3a44c4a05e79f19de933', 'privateKey': '2bb80d537b1da3e38bd30361aa855686bde0eacd7162fef6a25fe97bf527a25b', 'wif': 'SB3BGPGRh1SRuQd52h7f5jsHUg1G9ATEvSeA7L5Bz4qySQww4k7N'}
>>> dposlib.core.transfer(1, "ARfDVWZ7Zwkox3ZXtMQQY1HYSANMB88vWE", u"\u2728 simple transfer vendorField")
  "amount": 100000000,
  "asset": {},
  "recipientId": "ARfDVWZ7Zwkox3ZXtMQQY1HYSANMB88vWE",
  "type": 0,
  "vendorField": "\u2728 simple transfer vendorField",
  "version": 1
>>> dposlib.core.htlcLock(1, "ARfDVWZ7Zwkox3ZXtMQQY1HYSANMB88vWE", "my secret lock", expiration=12, vendorField=u"\u2728 simple htlcLock vendorField")
  "amount": 100000000,
  "asset": {
    "lock": {
      "secretHash": "dbaed2f2747c7aa5a834b082ccb2b648648758a98d1a415b2ed9a22fd29d47cb",
      "expiration": {
        "type": 1,
        "value": 82567745
  "network": 23,
  "recipientId": "ARfDVWZ7Zwkox3ZXtMQQY1HYSANMB88vWE",
  "type": 8,
  "typeGroup": 1,
  "vendorField": "\u2728 simple htlcLock vendorField",
  "version": 2
}, **kwargs)[source]

Sets the blockchain parameters in the cfg module and initialize blockchain package. Network options can be created or overriden using **kwargs argument.

Parameters:network (str) – network to initialize
Returns:True if network connection established
Return type:bool